Amazing Benefits of Reverse Osmosis Systems

Benefits of Reverse Osmosis

Contrary to popular belief there is a lot more than just H2O in your home’s water. There are a vast number of minerals and contaminants that surround your home’s water. Reverse Osmosis systems are available in order to benefit people at removing water impurities to provide safe and clean drinking water. Reverse Osmosis systems have special membrane filters that get rid of the vast majority of microscopic organisms and heavy metals. Reverse Osmosis is capable of removing up to 99% of the dissolved salts (ions), particles, colloids, organics, bacteria and pyrogens from the water. Our current generation has become extremely concerned with health benefits as of recently which have stemmed people to begin to drink more and more water. Through this centralization of individuals living a healthier life, it is vital that they are drinking clean, safe, and healthy drinking water free of contaminants that may be inside your tap water.

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Hidden Dangers of Tap Water

Caution tap water

Many individuals suspect the tap water in Canada to be safe and drinkable comparatively to third world countries. We feel extremely blessed when we travel because our lack of ability to drink tap water in foreign countries. When individuals are thirsty in Canada it is a normal reaction to reach for a cup and fill it with tap water if no other alternatives are available. As this may be a typical reaction for the Canadian population many individuals may want to start re-thinking the safety of the tap water. We may think we have safe drinking water available at our disposal but in fact we are wrong. Water treatment facilities have been trusted with the accountability of providing safe drinking water to the general population. Little do we know that they only test and regulate stipulated number of contaminants that were listed more than a decade ago. Since a decade ago there have been a vast amount of contaminations that have become apparent and that has the eligibility to be surrounding our water system.

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Benefits of Water Softeners

Soft water advantages

Despite what the average individual might believe: in which that tap water comes in a singular form, you are actually wrong. In reality, there are types of water: hard and soft. It is questionable as to whether one water is somehow better than another. It also raises the question as to what type of water your household has. Hard water contains a significant quantity of dissolved minerals, such as calcium and magnesium. The minerals in hard water give it a characteristic taste. Some natural mineral waters are highly sought for their flavor and the health benefits they may offer. On the other hand, soft water may taste salty and may not be the most suitable for drinking.

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Pure & Clear Drinking Water Filter System for Your Home

filtered water for you

The human body depends on pure and clean water to perform its everyday functions like digestion, blood regulation and temperature, detoxification and respiration. In particular, the ability of your body to flush out harmful toxins and to correctly assimilate nutrients will depend heavily on your intake of clean and chemical-free water. The more toxins, stress and pollutants that your body faces every day, the more water it needs. Continue reading