Water Heater Buying Guide – Find the Best Water Heater in Canada


The weather cold and with a leaking water heater, that’s not good. At times like this, you can always ask for water heater repair or water heater replacement services. But before that, it’s a great idea to first learn more of the different water heaters available. With so many of them in the market how do you know which the best is? Well, there’s no need to worry for this water heating guide will help you in finding the best water heater to fight the cold.

The Common Water Heater

Water heater is one of household appliances most ordinarily used which often not assumed of until it finally breaks. They are handy devices pumping warm water over your home’s pipes to the showerhead & faucet. In a typical household, heating water is the 2nd biggest expense in utility bills and so it extremely important that your water heater properly works.

Navien water Tank

Types of Water Heaters

Before buying a water heater, you must first recognize the different types of water heaters to choose from. There is not one type that can be a solution but each of these water heaters has their own set of advantages & disadvantages.

  • Conventional Water Heater

Conventional water heaters use the standard, pressurized storage tank. It heats water externally by means of natural gas, electricity, oil or propane. The water sits in a tank which is heated at a set temperature until it is drawn from the faucet or a showerhead. The good thing about conventional water heaters is that it isn’t expensive but they are prone to heat loss which could amount to significant expenditure on gas or oil.

  • Heat Pump

Heat pumps are a unit entailing an outdoor conditioner and indoor air conditioner capable of reversing surrounding temperatures. It is capable of heating water when needed in the ground that warmth energies are continuously present which the heat pump extracts and funnels in doors during the cold days.

  • Tankless Water Heater

    Navien High Efficiency Tankless Water Heater

As its name suggests, this type of water heater does not use a storage tank or a heat pump. The cold water runs through the pipes and into the appliance heating the water through propane, gas or electricity. This type of water heater has its biggest advantage with the water being transferred directly from the pipe so you don’t have to worry about hot water running out.


Choosing Quality Water Heaters

When choosing the water heater to buy, there are factors to consider including capacity, type, whether it needs a plumber to install, plus features such as warranty, glass-lined tanks, plastic or brass drain valves and more. The amount of water that your water heater holds is especially important in choosing the right water heater suiting your family’s needs.

Aside from the mentioned types of water heater, there is also solar water heater and condensing water heater to choose from. Each of these types has their own purpose, advantage and disadvantages. As such, being familiar with how they works and the features that come with them will make choosing the right water heater easier for you.

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